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miles-an-hour. >> shepard: massachusetts, maine, nova? >> yeah, well nova scotia that's a big one it is going to be a weakening storm but a rapidly moving storm, potentially some hurricane force wind there is. if anybody gets a storm surge from this, still going to be the right it is going to be nova scotia. maine probably get significant rain out of it and winds. the worst of it as far as storm surge that's going to be our friends up in canada. >> shepard: rick, thanks very much. i was hoping to read that, too late now. we have a lot ahead in in hour. we are going to tract storm up and down the coast. when a hurricane is headed your way some people run and hide and get candles. other people have a drink. where and why folks at the bar? they are feeling the affects of the storm further south we'll go live to virginia beach. live in nova scotia, live in a boat off canada. this is fox news channel. i got into one of the best schools in t country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with he
over recent days. linsey, thank you. >>> earl, by the way, is moving northeast up toward nova scotia and maine. there are tropical storm warnings for much of coastal maine. and russ merrilly, who is the chief meteorologist for wmtw, is out on the coast. he joins us from harpswell. >> reporter: tropical storm earl is quickly on its way to maine this morning. it has low impact on the coast of maine. down to a light, drizzly rain right now. winds picking up a little bit. we're expecting clearing later today. again, tropical storm earl has been a fairly low-impact storm here along the coast of maine. we're looking for clearing skies later this afternoon. >> russ, thank you. >>> as we said, the most serious damage earl did was to people's labor day vacation plans. amtrak canceled trains and suspended service between new york and boston. southwest airlines canceled 65 flights. while continental canceled about 60 departures from its hub at newark's liberty airport. and marysol castro is in montauk, new york, with more on the travel angle. >> good morning, everyone. here at ditch plains, the
of a nova scotia province lost power. >>> another storm is moving in. this storm formed early this morning. heavy rains have already flooded some towns south of the border, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of families. officials are setting up shelters. >> it is the peak time now, right in the middle of september. nova scotia has got hit by a number of tropical storms. 100 sperm -- 100 miles south of brownsville. what a wonderful day today. tanager outside now is a mighty comfortable 85 degrees. the one-, and i think it will go through this week without rain, over two weeks without rain in washington. the pollen count has been well over 70. outside, we made it to 87 degrees. look at the record, 90 degrees. a we will tell you what is going on around the area. that could become a tropical storm again. it is still lurking out there. hermine ke a look at . look at a range coming in. you can see that i circulation, a lot of rain coming in on spots around corpus christi and on into brownsville. once again on the east side, and that is where -- remember last week? is saw -- i showed you at seas
feefrmentd feared. we report from halifax, nova scotia. >> hurricane earl is moving off the coast of nova scotia. it is still considered a hurricane, a category one hurricane by the forecasters at the canadian hurricane center. they're saying they're seeing winds of 100 kilometers an hour, gusting to 120 kilometers an hour in some locations. it's tracking up the eastern coast and then coming up to halifax and then across the county. they're now predicting lots of tree damage, branches down. let me show you right here in front of our building right here, a lot of branches down. this is the kind of damage that they're expecting to see over the next couple of hours. it's already causing problems. there are no flights in or out of halifax airport right now. power outages all over from the southern part of nova xoech sco through halifax. there has been some traffic accidents. a lot of poles are down. and basically the emergency measures people here in nova scotia are urging people to stay home, stay put. don't go outside. let this thing blow over and stay safe. >>> well, nbc meteorologist bill
into the east. here you can see nova scotia, there's maine for perspective. the storm moves up towards new finland and then eventually make its way out of there and become what we call extra tropical. 70-mile-per-hour winds, that can cause a lot of damage. so even though it's a tropical storm, you don't ever want to say just a tropical storm, because still plenty of damage. there you can see the path of where it continues to go and pull away from the united states. some of the winds in the u.s. were pretty impressive, some of the strongest gusts we saw from overnight. horseshoe shoals, 60, 29 in islip. just because the storm is pulling out doesn't mean we don't need to be concerned about it. lake effect rain showers behind that system. couple other areas we're watching dropically, we've got a low into the bay of cam peach chi, some of the models picking this up into developing something, so texas will be impacted with rain showers. then we had gaston. remember gaston a couple days ago? it fizzled out but there's a high chance it's moving into more favorable waters that it could redevelop a
, it's out of the influence of any u.s. interest. it's in nova scotia now. and we're at 71 degrees and the dew point is low and the humidity is low and we have a nice dry, breezy day. 18 miles per hour winds and 29.70 is the barometer and temperatures ranging from 52 in oakland into the low 70s. we have 72 in easton and 74 at pax river and d.c.. st. mary's county checking in around 72 degrees and 69 in elkton and 64 in cumberland where the winds are coming from the west. the heavier winds are around the metro and heading down on the shore towards easton. the light winds everywhere else for the most part and we have an 8 miles per hour wind in washington county. here's what we're dealing with. we had a front coming through yesterday evening. earl was moving away. and earl's spin and the rotation is moving into the canadian maritime in nova scotia 2 miles east of nantucket. it's moving well up into canada and the high pressure is building in and the front that came through that's continuing to push earl into the north east cleared out the moisture we had around. and earl, a tropical
and there will be -- from the beaches. they probably will make a landfall in nova scotia and a quick look at the tropical storm warnings that are up from our coast and in the red is to north carolina. you can see a hurricane warning where the bands of earl will be onshore and probably within the next hour or so and some of the heaviest rain beginning down there. i'll have a full report and what you can expect the rest of the weekend, and of course, later tonight from early coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then. >>> as you heard, earl will impact our beaches. along the del marva tonight, beachgoers and residents are stocking up to ride out the hurricane. will thomas continues live from the boardwalk in ocean city. will? >> reporter: hi, shawn. the skies are getting darker, the beaches are starting to empty. you feel a change and i'm going to talk about the significance of the storm while this is one of the big gates that will be closed. let me first talk about water access. a short time ago, city officials decided to restrict water access and yesterday it was to the knee or below and this is why. we
depression, is headed toward newfoundland tonight after passing over nova scotia earlier today. for a damage report we go to dean reynolds on cape cod, massachusetts. >> reporter: good evening, anthony. as you can see, it's a bufl day here on cape cod. hur cane earl is gone what earl didn't do to the u.s. it did to canada. blasting nova scotia when it came ashore this morning, offering a finishing kick to this largely oversold storm. by contrast, along the u.s. atlantic coast, the sigh of relief at earl's weakness seemed almost as powerful as the hurricane's winds. >> i was really happy that nothing bad happened. >> reporter: on cape hatteras, earl's first target, they reopened a bridge to the north carolina mainland anda the tourists resurfaced. in rhode island, a big surf was the only remnant of the storm. there was some beach erosion on long island, but the damage was light compared to the drum roll of predictions. >> a team of reporters and meter olses will bring you live coverage over the next hour and a half. >> reporter: trees were felled in nantucket, but looking at the beaches and s
move off toward new england up toward nova scotia as a category 2, eventually a category 1. as you can see off our coast 2:00 tomorrow morning, friday morning and friday afternoon is pretty much gone, however it looks like it's really going the impact cape cod, cape hatteras. eventually up towards eastern sections of canada. there's a good look at it once again. these are the spaghetti tracks. in other words all the models put together still have this storm pretty far out, at least as far as maryland is concerned. but there still is a tropical storm warning and for the baltimore metro area and all the areas west, we do have coastal flood watches. we can expect 3 to 4 feet. coming up my full forecast will take a look at hurricane earl and how it can impact over the next few days. >>> to track the storm, get updates and see live radar. >>> it was a hot and frustrating commute from some this afternoon, train 28 stalled at the start of rush hour going from washington dc. some fear an earlier, but a rescue train arrived to off load passengers less than an hour later quipped with water. >>>
trees and knocked down power in 200,000 homes in nova scotia. today coastal communities from north carolina to maine turned their attention to salvaging the rest of the holiday weekend for tourists and beach goerers. >> if you plan on using metro this holiday weekend keep in mind metro has shut down five stations along the red line. tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont will be closed until tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. crews will take the timed to some major track maintenance and replace switches on the rail line. >> reporter: bruce, metro is pulling all the stops to make things easier for passengers to deal with this. when they get out they will see signs like this shuttle bus service. actually free. station closed. use free shuttle buses and then plenty of gentleman like the ones and ladies like the ones you see behind me with a vest letting people know where they need to go. everything is going smoothly all things considered. >> metro is offering 3 free shuttle lines to compensate for the closed station. >> it is affecting everyone. we have to -- it is delayin
surf and rip currents. forecasters say that it should move over nova scotia later today. >> it's going to be a very crowded weekend on area highways. 700,000 people will travel more than 80 miles this weekend. 34,000 people will fly. aaa says ocean city, bethany, and virginia beach are the most popular driving destinations for our area. >>> now to the discovery channel standoff investigation. 911 calls give us an idea of what workers saw and heard when a gunman walked into their building and took three hostages. several people tried to give as much information as they could about james lee. jackie benton walks us through the audio recording. >> yes. i'm calling from discovery communications. there's somebody holding a gun inside the main lobby. >> reporter: the calls began coming in to montgomery's 911 center about 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. there was some initial confusion about the specifics but one thing became shockingly clear, there was a man with a gun in the lobby of discovery communications in downtown silver springs. >> was someone shot? >> i didn't see. when i walked by him, he
, these are pictures sent in by ireporter brian shaw of bedford, nova scotia. he took them around 9:30 local time, about a half an hour before tropical storm earl made landfall in the canadian provinces. lots of tree branches down. you can see the wind, rain, all that stuff. pretty typical of what nova scotia experienced. >> absolutely. this was a powerful tropical storm. there is quite a bit of damage and thousands are without power. another example of that from brian nelson from halifax. look at what the winds did in his neighbor's yard, bringing down trees. this has been a common sight today. the storm is moving so fast. it's out of nova scotia into the gulf of saint lawrence to newfoundland. this is moving at 40 miles per hour which is fast but it is caught in a cold front that helped keep the storm at bay for the u.s. so it will accelerate to the north east and lose its tropical characteristics and be an area of low pressure and eventually pull out of here. that's good news. here we have two other tropical systems that we need to keep an eye on that have the potential for development over th
power outages, dangerous surf, as well, on the east coast. tropical storm bearing down on nova scotia. we'll have a live report in a moment. also in new zealand, they are taking stock after a powerful earthquake seeing damage to roads and buildings and also a couple of injuries. >>> and an amazing story. a baby was born premature. the doctor said the baby wasn't going to make it, essentially clai declared the baby dead, but a mother's touch brings the baby around. we'll hear from the parents and also the stunned doctor coming up. >>> maybe a sigh of relief after earl has kind of high tailed it out of here. the new england coast breathes a big sigh of relief as the storm blew by leaving much of the area unscathed. people trying to salvage hair weekend plans now. it rushed the floor never making landfall, still caused a few problem, also rip currents we need to be keeping an eye out for along the east coast. power outages from the storm have been relatively few. and the impact on air travel seems minimal, as well. with major northeast airports reporting few delays. the same could be sai
now? >> it is a tropical storm now and on the coast of nova scotia. almost all of the rain has let the united states. hurricane earl -- >> has left the building. but good. >> we are in good shape here. in the wake of hurricane, the weather turned out to be gorgeous. here is the radar imagery. it is getting out of range of the u.s. radar. there is still some grain into the eastern half of maine. the eye of the storm is over nova scotia right now. it is moving to the northeast. sunny skies and a few showers in western new york state. that is about it. no clouds or rain down here, just pleasant conditions as temperatures rise into the 70's. the cows on your holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> role did not come too close to the maryland shore line. >> we got a little bit of rain and some wind. >> i thought it would be a lot worse. i really did. we came down here for vacation and we have come down here for hurricanes before. it did not seem like a big deal. >> it became a big tourist attraction on friday as everyone wanted to get a glimpse. the problem was many were wondering where h
anticipated. right now the storm continues moving north and it is making land fall on the coast of nova scotia in canada. nbc's kevin tibbles is watching things from his point in rock port, massachusetts. kevin, looks pretty nice there this morning, right? >> reporter: alex, it's a beautiful day here in rock port. i don't know if i'm supposed to be embarrassed to say that to you. i feel a little bit embarrassed being out here outside talking about this monstrous category 4 earl hurricane that is basically category 4 wimp when it comes to the coastline of massachusetts. i don't want to get ahead of myself because we don't know what's happening up in nova scotia really except the rain started there. this storm kept far away from cape ann where i'm talking to you from today in rockport. a lot of the activities put on hold because of the storm for the long weekend here are now back on today. and my only real advice to people who perhaps were scared away from coming down to the sea shore would be to hop in the car. it is a lovely day. and i'm not going to be the only one eating all the salt water t
. it's unfortunate perhaps for those folks in nova scotia, canada, because that's where earl is going to perhaps mess up their day today. but there has been, according to the police here, zero damage caused by this storm as it passed through here overnight where or when or while many of us slept. >> did you call your college-age son in halifax to get a weather update? >> no, i'm going to give him a shout. like we discussed earlier, he is of college age. there really is no point me calling him at this time of morning because i'm not going to get anything that makes sense out of him anyway. i did talk to actually the canadian national weather service, essentially they've been saying to people, look, before you venture out, take a look out the window at the weather. that's their idea of a warning tlup because they get all kinds of storms and they're very used to it up there. what the heck? they're hearty canadians up there. >> pretty good advice any way you look at it. we'll get more from you later kevin. >> see you, earl. >> see yeah. >>> we have the latest on where tropical storm earl
toward the coast of nova scotia in canada. kevin tibbles is live in rock port, massachusetts, where last hour we were seeing maybe little rain and wind when i talked to you. what's the scene like now kevin? >> alex, the sun is out here in rock port. it's going to be a lovely day. as a matter of fact, all the activities for labor day that were canceled here have all been put back on because earl really didn't live up to his reputation. not only crossing further out to sea than here in cape ann, but actually not, not dropping as much rain as people expected or at least they had been prepared to expect when this storm went through. so it's going to be a lovely day here. a lot of the boats have been taken out of the harbor. but i'm assuming that they're going to started going back in today because it's supposed to be a lovely day here. the only thing i really have to add to all this, because i don't have a lot to talk about in terms of damage or anything like that, is that yes, you're absolutely right, this storm is heading towards nova scotia. i'm going to be calling my son after this becau
. very close to canada and nova scot scotia. what we are seeing in this picture is something you can just barely make out. that would happen to be an area of low pressure, this kicked up right there. and at the same time, a frontal boundary that extends from it and that frontal boundary is going to help kick out that storm deeper into the atlantic and pushing it farther to the north out of harm's way. the question is where is it going to go? the latest path we have from the national hurricane center has it moving up towards nova scotia. i'm thinking landfall around noon. maybe a little bit beforehand. it's moving to the northeast at 30 miles per hour. just yesterday it was around 18 miles an hour. definitely has really increased its progress. certainly good news. the bad news is though, we still have a lot to deal with with this particular storm. you've got earl located right about here. going to put that down as an area of low pressure. at the same time, we have fiona, what is left of fiona, in this particular stop. those two entities, the issues now is you're going to have a lot of wave
to produce any damage. but in nova scotia, one man did drowned trying to tie up his boat when it got loose from its moorings. >> hurricane who? as you just heard the once dreaded hurricane earl proved to be far less intense than many expected, downgraded to a storm. but it did hurt seasonal businesses hoping to end the summer on a high note. get this, one business owner said losing out on customers wasn't such a big disappointment. it's earl that let him down. >> well, this was a nothing storm, as you might think. we have regular windy days here that are 50 miles per hour winds. southwesterlies, not north earl. with you -- but this was a real bust. >> reporter: i just came from ocean city and i don't think anyone there is complaining that it was a bust. earl left behind a beautiful sunny day on the coast. a lot of tourists started their labour day weekend one day later at the beach than originally planned. >> the worries are gone for the east cost of the united states. but what is earl dumping on canada? fox 5's glen talbot and american is in the weather center with the latest. >> reporter
winds are lashing parts of nova scotia right now. brian debray is standing by in halifax. give me an idea of what you are experiencing? [ inaudible ] >> looks like we are going to have to work out that audio problem. hang with us a little bit. we will take a short break and be right back after this. ing grt randy johnson a bad idea? randy: sorry man, you all right? man: yeah, im good. yeah you just winged me. randy: think anybodys going to notice that? man: yeah, probably. maybe we should just go sledding... vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. >>> okay we are going to try this again. tropical storm earl is battering nova scotia. and brian dubray is in halifax. i saw a car go behind you so it can't be that bad. >> you got us at a good time. it has blown through halifax. it is heading towards prince edward island. the winds were strong and a lot of rai
to the shore in years. what's left of hurricane earl has moved on to nova scotia this morning having caused less damage than feared in new england. reports show only isolated flooding and power outages. >> earl didn't live up to its billing as a monster storm as it swiped the east coast. for days it posed a menacing threat as those in its path prepared for the worst. >> the public should continue to take precaution. in particular, stay indoors and off the roads during the height of the storm. >> but many were baffled by all the hoopla once it passed. >> last night honestly we slept like a baby. like nothing ever happened. been through a lot worse than this. >> while it didn't pack a major wallop, it did cause significant damage, flooding streets, knocking out power and damaging buildings. still unknown is the economic fallout as vacations were shortened or cancelled in coastal resort areas hoping to profit from the final weekend of summer. >> we just got too many calls from relatives telling us to evacuate. >> powerful rip currents caused the death of at least one swimmer in new jersey and
. >> tropical storm earl has made landfall off the nova scotia coast. it's packing winds 70 miles an hour. it was much less intensity than feared. no serious injuries are reported but a lot of people heard it was coming and thought it was going to be intense and cancelled their plans. it's costing businesses a lot of money. >> big changes, sun is taking the heat and humidity away as cold front sweeps earl off shore. the fog here, cooler from mount tam looking out over san francisco. you can see sutro tower, 977 feet. low clouds and fog making about 500 to 600 feet. they or not extending far inland. sunny conditions, condition cord and livermore, upper 50s, 53 in the city. cooler onshore flow will be coming in with cooler temperatures. we're going to allow for a mild or warm afternoon around the bay. sunshine around the coast. it will be breezy but the winds switching around to a northerly component and then off shore bringing us the warm effort day out of the next three which will be labor day and on our coast. elsewhere around the bay and much cooler weather tuesday and wednesday. our cu
the gulf coast. >> residence in nova scotia are cleaning up from hurricane earl. it operated treats and knocked down power lines leading more than 200,000 households in the dark. fallen branches were cleared from streets. the hurricane center had a tropical storm warning for newfoundland. on saturday, it was a different story. many vacationers headed down to the ocean for the labor day weekend and they were greeted by big waves. extra lifeguards were put on duty. some were up to the challenge for taking on the rough surf. ips oute are a lot of rep there. >> how tiring is deait/ ? >> very. >> some 200,000 vacationers were expected to hit the beach. >> there was a new rule announced which banned people from wearing baggy pants or skirts. , the article of clothing cannot be more than 3 inches below the top of the hip. first-time offenders will be charged $25. the ordinance is expected to be signed into law on tuesday. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. did the georgia town go too far by making low-rising pants or skirts a criminal offense? e-mail your response to w
to the new england coast. maybe nantucket will be affected. nova scotia as it picks up speed. all in all, a big sigh of relief. we have cloud cover out there. 79 downtown. 77 in annapolis. one more hot one today. it will be the last of our 90- degree stretch. partly cloudy. the wind is picking up at 15 miles per hour. overnight we had a coastal flood advisory. just a low but above normal. there is a small craft advisory in effect. 64 to 70 tonight. bermuda will get hit by tropical storm of fire onfiona tonight. kicking up with the tropics. gorgeous weekend. 81 on labor day with plenty of sunshine. >> kia motors is recalling 35,000 vehicles. s are beingo' recalled. officials say they may have been improperly soldered. some 24,000 cars are affected. the last flame of summer gets underway. travel experts expect it to be busy. chris clackum has the story. >> there is a 10% increase of bookings in hotel rooms and vacation packages for this year's labor day holiday weekend. it is going to be a busy travel weekend. it has been all summer. >>abor day appears to be following the trend we have wit
southwest of halifax, nova scotia. its close skirt up the eastern sea board was less intense than originally feared. the storm is still kicking up dangerous rip currents, though. kevin is live for us in rockport, massachusetts. it looks pretty as a picture behind you. >> reporter: absolutely, you know. earl, we hardly knew you, thank goodness. because here in rockport, this harbor would be filled with boats and a lot of them have been pulled out of the water. and the good news is this morning that everything planned for rockport and the gloucester area out here in massachusetts is being put back on and all the labor day celebrations are going to be taking place. and they're going to be taking place as many people here breathe a sigh of relief. because this storm did go through here last night. it's gray and there's a little bit of rain coming down, but nothing like had been predicted all week long from this fierce force four hurricane that was going to be coming through here. fortunately, it was just sort of a storm when it came through here last night. and as you just mentioned, it's headin
, what is left of it will be heading out into halifax, nova scotia. you can see the circulation. meanwhile, is that tropical storm fiona? things have settled down as earl continues to move. it will be bringing much cooler air. there have been one or two sprinkles. you people in the -- the big story is we will have some air we can breed. there is a break in the humidity. that is just in time for the holiday weekend. there is what is left of the circulation. even the rain is now leading. here is that weather front coming through. by tomorrow afternoon, much lower humidity coming in. what to get an early start on the holiday weekend? sunrise is at 6:40 in the morning. the high-temperature tomorrow is 80 to 82 degrees. winds at 10 to 25 miles per hour. if you're going sailing, it will be great sailing weather. small crafted by streets will be up because of the combination of -- small craft advisories will be up because of the combination of earl moving off and the humidity. after the summer we have had? have a good one. >>> talk about a case that only a mother could love it. how abo
storm. it made landfall in nova scotia, cutting power to homes and businesses. it could take two days to restore power. folks in massachusetts dodged a bullet. the storm caused minimal flooding and power outages. the governor has lifted the state of emergency. beaches that were closed are back open. for more on the remnants of earl, let us turn to steve ruding. >> early continues to spin at 65 miles per hour. look at where it is located on our storms can. right now across labrador and newfoundland. it is going to continue to spin and eventually will wear itself out. here is a look at temperatures close to home. 65 in fare cap? -- 65 in fairfax. gaston, the next tropical storm, will continue to increase in intensity. will talk about that plus the forecast for the upcoming work and school week in a few minutes. >>> there are new developments in the investigation of the gulf oil spill disaster. the blowout preventer to the service. there was a delay earlier today because of ice-like crystals which could have combusted. it is considered a key piece of evidence in the probe into the spill.
out. this is a 66% chance. that was a pretty good forecast. hurricane earl will be racing into nova scotia and the very end of -- in the morning, and will be by nantucket. our temperature is still in the 80's. much, much drier air comes in. tomorrow morning, it'll be into the 60's. tomorrow afternoon, only into the low 80's. you are really going to notice the difference would be nice comfortable air. that will be the story on sunday and monday. great for the barbecue, a great for the beach. a great holiday weekend. >> thank you. on the's get a check hurricane preparations in new england. >> a state of emergency has been declared? >> that is exactly right. i am here in cape cod, massachusetts. friday marks the start of the labor day weekend. for a lot of people, they aren't thinking about the sunshine and the surf. in massachusetts, people are thinking about having to safety. this of us there wants to net -- wants people to know there is shelter from the storm. if the winds are strong, they're going to be stopped. -- stuck. >> not everyone is running from the storm. >> i am going sur
power in nova scotia look of these waves. this is it peggy's cove. and it was far less intense than feared here in the u.s. with traffic returning to north carolina. and this is from massachusetts. a dog, a man walking to a plodded access road. once that storm had passed-flooded access road. >> the east bound is moving well and a bit of a backup of the pay gates on the left side of your screen. however, the fast track planes are moving right along. more traffic, news, weather street ahead. ♪ this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. so why are over a thousand people a day switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they
it should move inland over nova scotia later today. >>> more than half a dozen airlines are waves change fees. that includes continental, jetblue, united airlines and trans air. most customers will be able to rebook or earn credits for future travel until the end of the day today. you should check with your specific airline if you have questions. the train company had to cancel all trains along the northeast corridor after an electrical system was damaged by a tree that fell outside of a company property in connecticut. amtrack canceled trains as a precaution for the severe weather brought by tropical storm earl. with earl out of sight, make sure you plan ahead if you're headed to the beach for a long weekend. you may be able to avoid delays by traveling between 5:00 and 10:00 tonight. and make sure your vehicle is really road ready. just one disabled vehicle can kauj huge backups. for conditions approaching the bay bridge, logon to bay >>> today you can finally get your virginia driver's license. the virginia commonwealth extended its office hours after a computer glitch kep
. tropical storm earl is now soaking nova scotia. here's a report. >> reporter: earl didn't live up to its billing as a monster storm. for days, those in its path prepared for the worst. >> the public should continue to take precautions. in particular, stay indoors and off the roads during the height of the storm. >> reporter: many were baffled by the hoopla. >> last night, honestly, slept like a baby. like nothing even happened. been through a lot worth. >> reporter: while earl didn't pack a major wallop, it caused significant damage, flooding streets, knocking out power and damaging buildings. still unknown is the economic tallout as vacations were shortened and cancelled in coastal resort areas. >> i thought maybe it was a menace too. many calls telling to us evacuate. >> powerful rip currents caused the death of at least one swimmer in new jersey, and another remains missing. many in earl's path are simply grateful it wasn't worse, and would likely agree with the assessment of north carolina's governor. >> we dodged a bullet. purely and simply, north carolina dodged a bullet. >> alan:
,000 people are still without power in nova scotia after hurricane earl hit yesterday. it came ashore as a category 1 storm. earl's winds brought down many trees and utility lines. nova scotia's power company said all power should be ck on by tomorrow. all essential services such as hospitals were first to be restored. there was one confirmed death. a man trying to secure a boat drowned, even though he was wearing a life jacket. >>> in other news of the world tonight, in iraq heavily armed fighters attacked a military base in baghdad today for the second time in about two weeks. u.s. troops were called in to provide cover for the iraqi soldiers. at least a dozen people were killed. this was the first time american forces have engaged in combat since formal combat operations ended last week. >>> in chile -- chile today marked one month that 33 men have been trapped in a gold and copper mine. now, that is longer than anyone can remember any other miners being trapped. and while the rescue operation continues, disputes have arisen among some of the miner's families as to just who should
to a tropical storm status, but delivering still heavy rain, driving winds in nova scotia. at one point it was a category 4, went to a 3, then a 2, and it's pretty much broken up now, lost a lot of the steam as it was spinning northward, relatively cool waters in the atlantic ocean, but the storm still could make landfall this nova scotia where people are watching and waiting. >> we're beginning to get some rain, but before that, there was to rain at all. the winds certainly getting stronger. >> back here in the u.s. at least, people up and down the east coast dodged a bullet a lot would say, but now they're wondering what about my weekend? it's the holiday weekend. three day weekend. reynolds, how is this going to affect people not necessarily weather-wise, but there's something else they need to be watching out for. >> kind of indirectly. when you see these big storms approach, the wind picks up, the rain really comes in, in this situation, the storm is moving out, but it is going to be leaving a little bit of a calling card behind which could cause some problems for your holiday week
new england. headed towards nova scotia right now. we have a live report on all the damage straight ahead. >> and new numbers show the unemployment rate now higher but does president obama realize that? > >> we are confident that we're moving in the right direction. >> why didn't he mention the loss of 54,000 jobs? >> and bristol palin showing off cha-cha-cha before her big "dancing with the stars" debut. we'll show you her dancing costume which might not be as demure as she promised. our slogan this hour comes from michelle in north georgia. "we watch the morning news to get a head start with the trusted team of morris, briggs and arhardt." thank you. >> hey there. where's that rooster? >> good morning. >> good to have you in for alisyn this morning and also good to know we didn't get demolished by a hurricane last night. both good news. >> both understood negood news but it's been downgraded to a tropical storm. everybody hitting the road. all kinds of flight delays. jet blue offering coupon vouchers for people affected by all this. we have to start with the extreme weather t
in the name as nova scotia will take the brunt of earl. in the rest of the country, in san antonio, a few storms but it's calmer around the u.s. now a look at the weather outside your window. lots of cooler weather rushing in behind earl. not much rain in new york city at all during the day. long island will have a chance of getting some of the heavier rain bands. >>> take a look at the -- another look at earl in the weekend forecast coming up. >> bill, thank you. >>> wall street waits on job numbers, retailers score in august, and the number two burger chain is sold. early morning business headlines is straight ahead. plus a machete-wielding assassin win the hearts of moviegoers this weekend at the box office. >> college football is back in. we have our first upset. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "early today," i'm lynn berry. here are your top headlines this morning. after more than five hours of direct negotiations in washington yesterday, israeli and palestinian leaders have agreed on a framework for further talks. benjamin netanyahu and mah
, may hit nova scotia as a category 1 in colder waters. what does it mean for us? bring it back home. we're looking at first off high pressure in control. with that in mind, it keep us with sunshine. this is ocean city yesterday. like north carolina, hey, we had the strong undertow from the rip currents from danielle. danielle, by the way, was about the same strength as earl, just a thousand miles east of the coastline. this one will be closer and start turning seas much more angry as we head through today and tomorrow. ocean city currently sitting at 77 degrees. they are aiming for 90 this afternoon. the water temperature is up to 78. that's just marginal to feed into a tropical system. across the delmarva, 94 rock hall, to annapolis. 93 aberdeen with light wind on the bay. this side of the bay, it's not like isabel. high air quality, poor air quality, code red, not the best day to be outside. we're aiming for the mid-90's this afternoon. thursday afternoon, outer banks getting clipped with outer rain bands. watch the eye itself jump offshore east of the outer banks within 200 miles of
and then moves up to maine and nova scotia and in to can d.a. the weekend looks better. 94 today. 90 on friday. looking nice on labor day, 87 an then tuesday an wednesday we are back in the 90s. speaking of back, we'll be right back after this. [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble. but what we can do is arm ourselves for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ♪ [ coughs ] [ female announcer ] with the most pharmacists certified to immunize... [ sneezes ] ...and walk-ins welcome everyday, we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ so stop by and get your flu shot today at walgreens. there's a way to stay well. how'd you do that? do what? it tastes too good to be fiber. you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into something tasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here now. how'd you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer ] fiber
and we watch the storm as it heads to southwestern nova scotia there. there could be flooding in the bay of bundy. the water will be pushed northward in to the bay. it has no place to go. remember what isabelle did in the chesapeake, could be similar situation there. our concern level was never as high. isabelle passed west. this one passed east. the bus stop forecast, this morning, cloudy and warm. upper 60s to upper 70s out there maybe 80. the sun is up at 6:39. 5:00 87 degrees. the air quality is moderate, code yellow. on the an early shower. we have a front coming. clearing, breezy, lows in the 80s with a west wind at 10 to 20 and a real good looking start to the weekend once we get rid of earl today. breezy and much cooler and west wind of 10 to 20 miles an hour. got a couple of upper 60s. orange, culpeper, martinsburg 70 degrees, manassas, gaithersburg 72. officially 78 but we have a dew point of 66. a heat index of 80 degrees. here's the front to the west. you see the showers and storms? here's earl. this front is helping to kick earl to the north and east and as th
towards nova scotia towards the weekend. clipping the carolinas this evening. clipping ocean city tomorrow morning. essentially what we'll be looking at are conditions that are dry, hot and 92 degrees in baltimore. tomorrow, cooler, 88. let's get to the extended forecast. behind the storm, we have a great labor day weekend, highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s. >> traffic is excellent, if you want to get a jump on your morning commute, now is the time to do it. minor delays, no accidents right now. here's the beltway on the top side, approaching the harrisburg expressway. exit to get on the harrisburg expressway, traffic is moving great in both directions. drive times and maps, no real issues, so far so good. five to six minutes southbound, 95 between white marsh boulevard and the beltway. 795 is looking good. just debris in the roadway in howard county. that's in the process of being cleared. just a reminder, we'll be on at 4:00 this afternoon. special coverage after this morning's show. justin's heading to ocean city. we'll start an hour early tomorrow morning at 4:00 in the morning. >> g
.m. >>> after passing along the east coast, tropical storm earl pounded parts of canada. earl landed in nova scotia as a hurricane, but weakened to a tropical storm. it still packed quite a punch, causing heavy rain, winds as well. broken trees, littered neighborhoods and left thousands of residents without power. the storm is expected to lose steam as it moves over the cold waters of the gulf of st. lawrence. >>> still ahead tonight, a powerful earthquake shakes new zealand, crumbling buildings and blocking major highways. disturbing new data that many overweight americans may not know they're fat. >>> and michelle salahi is asked to bear all for "playboy." >>> clear skies and chilly weather coming our way, i'll give you all the details on a spectacular sunday coming up. >>> i don't have that answer. but in sports, 21 redskins are now former redskins. nationals pitcher john lannan has his best outing of the year, plus a herndon native brings the pain against the richmond spiders. we'll tell you all about it when news 4 at 11:00 continues. >>> a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked new ze
. this goes into nova scotia and leaves us with nice weather into the weekend. 78-degree water temperature. bethany hits 89 in air, ocean city 90, it's a great beach day, just not a good day to dip in the water because of the strong undertow. back across the delmarva 94 rock hall, day water temperatures at 82 degrees. on this side of the day very little to no impact from the storm. we have high air quality today, poor, back up to code red in baltimore with the high heat. we're sitting at 70 now. we'll hit into the mid-90s this afternoon. i want to tell you, this forecast, highlighting baltimore and ocean city, the forecast model indicates rain clipping the outer banks of cape hatteras, north carolina, thursday at 4:00. this is just one model keeping the concentration of the storm. the coastline sticks out and the storm pulls away. delaware, new jersey less of an impact but it's still going to be strong surf and maybe problems leading into labor day weekend, just with the water conditions. 95 today. that's our 2-degree guarantee, temperatures tonight back down to 72 degrees. we'll hit the l
as a very strong tropical storm in nova scotia. so the most damage that earl will sprou going to happen take up this from halifax down to nova scotia. 70-miles-per-hour winds, but the storm is moving quickly. so by later today, the storm will be long gone. so what's next? september is the peak of the hurricane season. usually one storm after another. it looks like we'll miss the storm once again. this is a slow moving system, should be near puerto rico about five days from now, so we have plenty of time to watch it and there's no threat to the united states as we go through the labor day weekend. back to you. >>> overseas, they're still as cessing the damage this morning after a major earthquake in new zealand. it measure 7.1 and was centered on the south island just west of christ church, the country's second largest city. melissa stokes of tvnz is in christ church for us. we know there was certain for people trapped in rubble. what do we know about any rescues or casualties at this hour? >> reporter: surprisingly people have experienced such surprise over this that there's been such close
. this is earl making land fall in nova scotia early this morning. it's being blamed for the death of a man who drowned while he was trying to secure his boat in halifax. here's a look at earl last night as it hit the northeast as a tropical storm. this was taken about the same time earl's eye was passing nan tact -- nantucket off the coast of massachusetts. numerous flights were canceled and am track services were -- and amtrak services were delayed. plans were disrupted for thousands of vacationers this labor day weekend and while one business owner said earl didn't leave much damage, his hotel is feeling consequences. >> about 60% of her business isn't here today. we would normally expect to be sold out for the weekend. this is a very big weekend for us to ep -- to end the sum we are a bang. but it's -- we'd rather have it like this than be cleaning up debris. >> no word on the impact, if any, that earl had on ocean city business this is holiday weekend. the investigation into what caused the gulf oil spill could get a big break. the blowout preventer which is that huge stack of pipes and va
and then nova scotia later on. for us, things are looking great. take a look. it looks like we're going to see a nice day today. 20 degrees cooler tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. a great labor day weekend. >> i am increase with your use of sports terminology for in the weather. >> i do not know any sports terms. i will adjust to the traffic for you. we have went situation in ellicott city. there is a downed pole on eastbound 99 all morning. it is not causing any problems as far as backups borat delays. crews will be on the scene. just something to be aware of. otherwise, live drive times are looking good. six minutes on 95 north between 100 and the beltway. seven minutes and no delays to worry about. this is ocean city. coastal highway looking pretty quiet for this time of the morning. we switch over to a live view closer to home and things a quiet on the inner and outer loops. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story, hurricane earl drops down from a category 4 to a category 2 storm. >> is happened last night. visitors and some residents were already under an evacuation orde
a bit as a category one. and then maybe make landfall at nova scotia, bay of fundi where it may make landfall sunday. but off tte coasttof the atlantii, it wiil affect the coastal regions. ww can see strong storm surge passing overnight through tomorrow. friday, ffiddy night, saturday. so folks do not jump righttin the water if you are driving ou3 to ocean city. giveeit a mommnt. because it could get strong rip currents, that is a problem. but good news issthht it is tracking east and shoulddnot be too much trouble for uu. projected track models. computer models that were used by the nationnl hurricane center and different models show the potential tracks in agreement. 175 miles to 200 miles off the3 coast of ocean city. is where tte eye of the ttrm will begin to track. ú% it turns right. now looking at the temperatures. cooling off to the 70s. with rain cooled error clouds moving in. 80ssh around around baltimore. look where the rain falls? this is the model data showing half inch to inch out here.3 ú%r us, really nothing. maybe a light sppinkle tomorroww briefly. but for the mos
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